When companies and organisations look to upgrade their IT equipment, it’s important that they securely decommission their old IT products.  This is done either through the physical destruction of the equipment or by using specialised erasing software that effectively destroys the data but leaves the computer ready for reuse.

When we decommission old IT products on behalf of clients we provide them with certification that audits and confirms that the full process has been successfully completed.  We do this so that customers can rest easy knowing that any data previously stored has been destroyed.

As a licensed operator of Aiken software, every day we take old and unwanted IT equipment from customers, wipe the data and run a series of tests to certify that the data has been securely disposed of.

The software that we use checks that both the hard disk drive (HDD) (the IT traditional storage device) and the solid-state drive (SSD) (a newer, faster type of device that stores data on instantly accessible memory chips) are clean and that the IT equipment is ready for reconditioning and reuse.

Once the data erasure has been certified, we then run a series of tests to ensure that the IT equipment is fit for repurposing.  All the tests are undertaken by our technicians and include a host of detailed examinations including the disk drives, sound systems, LAN and wi-fi connections as well as the functionality of any USB ports and the keyboard.

On touch screen devices, we are also sure to test the presence of a touch screen and touchpad.  This includes detecting when the user input is coming from the integrated touchpad on laptops, which allows us to then verify the cursor movement and the press of buttons.

The detailed process also includes monitoring the effective battery life of the equipment as well as a comprehensive test of the computer’s memory.  Once the tests are complete our technicians are able to identify any issues, make repairs or any upgrades before they are put on the shelves for onward sale.

Having such a rigorous process gives everyone peace of mind.  The previous owners can rest assured that any previously held data has been effectively erased (even receiving certification to prove the case!) while we are confident that the refurbished equipment has been fully tested, reconditioned, and repaired ready for reuse.

We hope this blog has shone some light on the benefits of data erasure, as well as the methods, programs, and techniques we use at TecHut to ensure drives are cleaned and given a new lease of life!

For more information regarding data erasure and the above-mentioned methods, get in touch:

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