TecHut’s guide on the best IT equipment for working at home

Here at TecHut, we’ve been busy accumulating a list of the best IT equipment you should consider when working from home, from laptops and tablets to desktop computers, keyboards, and mouses.

Desktop computers

TecHut’s range of refurbished desktop computers feature, amongst other things, the latest iteration of Windows 10, which gives you the best chance of being able to run complicated programmes as well as the more basic ones, like Microsoft Word and Excel.

Available for lower prices than their factory fresh equivalents, our refurbished examples are just as capable as the latest products but cost nowhere near as much to buy. Any data left on the computer by its previous owner has been erased, all of their external panels have either been repaired or replaced and their internal components are swapped out for the latest parts.

All you need to do is plug it in!

Laptops and tablets

If you require a more versatile solution, why not opt for one of our refurbished laptops or tablets?

Great for hot-desking or working from home, laptops, and tablets combine the functionality of desktop computers with the portability of a mobile phone! Also, if your work involves leaving home every so often to visit a client or attend meetings, a convenient and lightweight laptop device would be perfect for you.

The structural integrity of touch screens is double- and triple-checked, while our technicians recondition all our laptops to an as new condition with upgrades to memory and hard drives.

We also stock an array of refurbished laptops and tablets from the likes of HP, Dell, and Lenovo, and all are thoroughly tested and certified to make sure they are 100% reliable before we advertise them for sale.

IT accessories

Once you’ve pinned down a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer, you will probably need an array of accessories like a monitor, speakers, mouse, or keyboard.

We stock a variety of refurbished monitors which provide IT, users, with crisp displays, refurbished frames, and stands. Your mouse and keyboard will be the two biggest touchpoints, so you need to ensure they’re up to the job – faded keys and sticky buttons and scroll wheels are annoyances that you just don’t need.

Declutter your workspace

Before setting up your new workspace check to see if you have any old IT equipment that could be recycled or refurbished before investing in brand-new devices.

TecHut offers cashback for any unwanted IT equipment that is still in working order, and we also take care of any data disposal requirements you have. We do this to help companies and individuals reduce their carbon footprints by putting refurbished used computers back into the market.

All you need to do is provide us with a basic inventory of items that you want to recycle and then we provide you with an offer. If you accept this offer, we will collect your IT equipment at a time that suits you, before testing, data cleansing, and grading your old machinery. You then receive your cashback which you can put towards buying refurbished or new desktop computers, laptops, or IT accessories.


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