Refurbished IT.

More often than not, refurbished IT equipment can offer businesses top-of-the-line technology at very accessible price points.  

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and schools face enough problems when trying to negotiate day-to-day challenges, and seldom need a faulty, out of date computer with a backwards operating system to complicate things further. Having access to fully refurbished and properly tested IT equipment puts your mind at ease and allows you to get to work without any IT hassles. 

So, what are the main benefits of buying second-hand IT equipment? 

Because the prices of refurbished computers are lower than those of their factory-fresh counterparts, you can get a lot for your money like fast processers, high screen quality and banks of memory. Due to the rapid release of new models into the market, affordable, refurbished and up-to-date examples can emerge as little as three months after the latest models have launched in stores. 

It’s important to remember that not all computers, laptops or IT accessories available on the second-hand or refurbished markets have suffered damage. Some may have only been subject to minor repairs like a disc drive replacement, altering a touch pad or fixing a faulty desktop mouse.  We often purchase used computers simply because a business is making wholesale changes and no longer require their existing IT equipment.  

Crucially, though, any fixes are highly unlikely to leave marks, so refurbished laptops and computers often look as good as new, while potentially saving you hundreds of pounds compared to buying the latest IT equipment from computer brands’ like Dell, HP, Apple and Lenovo. 

Refurbished IT

Sustainability is another key factor that convinces many to buy refurbished units. It goes without saying that investing in refurbished computers and laptops is a form of recycling, which is far more sustainable than buying a new device every other year.  

According to Itzoo.co.uk, many refurbished computers and laptops are equipped with a “matte display with better viewing angles” than new laptops at comparable or higher prices. The website also states that owners of refurbished and recycled devices can “enjoy the high comfort of typing on a keyboard, which is usually better optimised” and generally get much greater value from the equipment they are using. 

You have the luxury of choice when surfing the internet or highstreets for refurbished devices, too. If you’ve always loved working with Windows 10 for example, you can opt to have it installed onto your refurbished device along with other programmes, like Microsoft Office, Word and Excel.  Why not check out our range of quality refurbished IT equipment as we have literally hundreds to choose from. 

So, when searching for a new bank of laptops and computers for a business, school or for your own personal use, you don’t have to look at the newest machines.  

Buying refurbished PCs gives you the opportunity to create bespoke items, to be more environmentally conscious and to get more for your money.  We’re even happy to consider buying your old devices so we can give them some love and an extra lease of life.   

So, in conclusion, you can’t go wrong when purchasing a refurbished laptop or computer for business from a trusted partner like TecHut. There is so much variety, customisability and affordability within the market – contact a member of the team today to discuss your IT requirements. 

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