As a nation we’re becoming more and more conscious of our carbon footprints, global warming and our recycling habits. Businesses are also coming under increasing pressure to be doing the right thing and take their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) seriously, in order to be more sustainable and better global citizens.    

Computers, laptops and a miscellany of IT accessories now find themselves becoming the focus of recycling campaigns, and here at Techut we are here to help.  

Opting to recycle any of your outdated, old or damaged business IT equipment is a great way to reduce the amount of landfill in the UK and elsewhere. One of the best ways to reduce waste is to recycle new, nearly new and used computers and laptops from your business.  We’re happy to look at purchasing used IT equipment to either refurbish or to safely and securely dispose of them. 

Refurbishing computers is a great way to save money. Simply send your devices to us, and we can swap out its internals for more modern components, enabling you to have a brand-new device for a fraction of the price. The external appearance can also be touched-up if necessary, giving many older laptops and computers a factory-fresh look.  

Refurbish IT

While some might want to keep on upgrading their computer’s operating platforms via the refurbishment route, others may just want a new machine all together, which is totally fine. If that’s the case, when you’ve got your new laptop, computer or IT accessory, why not hand your old ones over to us and we can give them a new lease of life.  In doing so you are reducing waste and also giving the opportunity for the equipment to be refurbished and used by someone looking for quality IT equipment at a fraction of the buy new price. 

Computers and laptops also contain harmful substances, such as dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls, cadmium, chromium and radioactive isotopes which, when left in landfill, can pollute the environment and harm wildlife.  

Conversely, many materials utilised to manufacture computers can be easily recycled to make other electronic products, such as televisions and, of course, other IT equipment. This then reduces the cost of manufacturing new devices because manufacturers already have access to some of the materials needed for a new machine, like gold, silver and platinum.  

Processes like the one mentioned above go a long way in helping the environment and slowing climate change, as energy is saved due to not having to extract, refine, transport and process raw materials.  

So, in short, recycling any of your old or current IT equipment is a fantastic idea. Whether you decide to refurbish older equipment to bring it up to date, or hand computers over to charities, it all helps the planet!   

Get in contact with a member of our team to discuss the recycling of your old IT equipment and its replacement with new, high quality, fully refurbished models. 

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