IT equipment that every small business needs

IT equipment that every small business needs

Running or starting a new business is a daunting prospect. There are lots of things to consider; your target audience, your product(s), and getting clients on board. However, having out-of-date IT equipment, or no IT equipment for that matter, can make it ten times harder!

We’re here to tell you which IT equipment you need to get your small business off the ground.

One up to date PC

Whether you are working out of your front room, an office, or even a garden room, you should have access to an up-to-date computer or laptop. Slow desktop computers are not what you need when starting a business – missing an email or failing to save that pitch could mean you miss out on a hard-earned opportunity.

But you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on a high-flying machine. Refurbished computers are fantastic alternatives because they give you all the functionality you could need, a premium brand (like Dell, Lenovo, or Apple) and the latest software.

TecHut installs all its refurbished computers with Windows 10 to make sure your computer is as up-to-date as possible so your business can reach its full potential.


Being mobile can be useful when trying to get a business off the ground. Depending on the industry, you could be called upon by a supplier to visit them for a meeting about your products or to visit a business partner in a different country.

Laptops are ideal for these scenarios – all you need to do is pack your laptop bag, remember your charger and you’re ready to go. We stock a huge array of refurbished laptops that have had their external and internal parts replaced with factory-fresh components, so you can purchase a brilliant device for a fraction of the price of an all-new laptop.

A fully functioning workspace

To work at your best, your small business needs a fully functioning workspace, and a lot of it depends on a decent wi-fi connection and an online office suite of programs.

For example, there’s nothing you can’t do after you’ve installed Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. You can create your own press releases, logos and use Outlook to get in touch with whoever you need to, wherever you need to.

A suite of IT accessories

Getting a fantastic desktop computer is one thing, but it wouldn’t be complete without an array of accessories, such as speakers, keyboards, a mouse, and monitors.

TecHut supplies small business with plenty of refurbished accessories because no one operating a business wants to be heard through crackly speakers or type on a faded keyboard.

Tablets and touchscreen tech

Like we said earlier, being mobile is important in this day and age, so why not invest in a new tablet. They give you almost as much processing power as a computer and combine it with the portability of a mobile phone, so you can finish writing any documents while on the move.

We ensure that all the devices we receive are in working order by carrying out tests to double-check the integrity of the touchscreens. TecHut’s team also examines the shells for any scratches, dents, and other imperfections before we put them on our shelves.

There are a few business essentials that we recommend bosses of any small business should invest in. And you don’t even need to break the bank – opting for refurbished devices gives you all the benefits of brand-new ones, but at a lower price point.










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