Improve the environmental credentials of your business with refurbished IT equipment

Today, business owners are being encouraged to adopt greener practices to slow down climate change.

This doesn’t just apply to the big corporate giants, but to small and medium-sized companies, too. So, how can our refurbished IT equipment help your business to improve its environmental credentials?

Reduce, reuse and recycle

By investing your money into the latest refurbished examples of desktop PCs, IT equipment, and laptops, you’re effectively choosing to reuse and recycle. The byproduct of this is of course less landfill, and a heavier wallet because refurbished machines cost less than their factory-fresh equivalents.

Using your money wisely and purchasing refurbished IT products doesn’t mean you miss out on any performance issues either. TecHut’s refurbished devices perform just as well as a brand-new example.


Supply and demand are the two most important factors to take into consideration when deciding to continually manufacture any product, from a can-opener to a luxury yacht. If nobody needs or wants a luxury yacht, what’s the point in using time and money to produce them.

The same can be said for computers and other IT equipment. If every SME business owner selected refurbished items over new ones, the natural resources that go into the production of computers, like cobalt, could be used sparingly. According to Hardware Spares, the earth’s supply of minerals may only be available to us for the next 40 years before they disappear, so it’s vital that we prolong their existence for as long as possible.

Carbon footprints

We are all being asked to do more to lower our individual carbon footprints, and small to medium businesses are being called upon to do the same.

Not only is having a low carbon footprint a good thing for the environment it also makes you look like an attractive proposition to potential clients who choose their suppliers based on environmental credentials as well as price and service.

Mining core minerals to manufacture new computers emits large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. This problem is compounded once the components are made because they’re then transported all over the world before being assembled. Businesses then purchasing these products have acquired overly large carbon footprints.

Reused and refurbished computers only have the same carbon footprint they had when they were new which, by the time a small or medium-sized business gets their hands on them, are tiny in comparison to factory-fresh IT products.

In the wake of COP26 and the recent discussions concerning climate change, it’s vital that small to medium businesses do all they can to reduce their environmental impacts. TecHut’s range of refurbished laptops and desktop computers can do this while simultaneously offering you top-of-the-line performance at a more affordable price point.



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