Case study – Bishop Rawstorne Academy


Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy has been providing high-quality Christian education for over 60 years.  Located in Croston, Lancashire, the school draws students from more than 20 primary schools and from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities and provides them with a nurturing yet challenging environment.

With nearly 1,000 pupils the school has outstanding academic attainment achieved year-on-year, making Bishop Rawstorne the school of choice for many parents.


The Challenge

 Bishop Rawstorne approached TecHut as it was looking for a partner that was able to deliver a wide range of affordable, refurbished computers and laptops for its 11-16-year-old pupils.

The school had been using a local IT supplier but found that the quality of equipment supplied was not adequate, reliable, or robust enough for the demands the school and pupils put on the products.

The school also identified that there was a greater dependency on IT equipment as during the pandemic more pupils were required to works from home or complete online lessons.  The IT department approach TecHut to help source refurbished IT equipment that would be reliable, high quality, and meet the demands of teachers and pupils.


The Solution

 TecHut liaised with the school to get a full understanding of their needs and requirements so that they could make recommendations and source the right equipment to meet the brief.  TecHut was able to supply the school with a full range of IT equipment including laptops, tablets, and computers as well as monitors and accessories like mouses and keyboards for use by the teachers and pupils.

Steve Hackney, the school’s IT Manager, commented, “We approached TecHut as we were having issues with the quality and service provided by our previous supplier.

“When moving to TecHut it became clear that the equipment had been carefully selected, reconditioned, and inspected before dispatch.  The communication with the team was first class and products were delivered quickly with tracked delivery and excellent packaging.”

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Hackney concludes: “The service has still been exceptional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending TecHut for other education establishments.”


TecHut gives schools across the country access to affordable, powerful, and modern desktop and laptop computers as well as handheld devices or computer accessories. Contact us now to learn about how we can help support your school.

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