Buying IT equipment for schools – what to look out for

Where to start

Upgrading your school’s IT equipment doesn’t need to be an overly expensive process. If your school’s computers are only a couple of years old, or older still, computer refurbishment is a great low-cost option.

Before you invest in any IT equipment, however, we recommend you identify the school’s IT requirements. For example, how much of the syllabus is taught online versus how much is taught using textbooks, pens, and paper? Once this has been established you can accurately determine how much you really need to spend and on what type of product rather than spending an unnecessary amount.


What kind of IT equipment can TecHut offer schools?

TecHut can offer your school a bank of refurbished laptops or computers for less than it would cost to purchase a suite of brand-new machines. Conversely, we can also refurbish your existing devices which can help with the cost of refreshing stock.

Our refurbishment process involves installing Windows 10 to your older devices along with any other programmes you might need, like Microsoft Office for example. We then replace the external case and fit up-to-date internal components to ensure that your PCs look the part and run smoothly.


Touchscreen technology

Touch screen laptops and tablets are fantastic tools for interactive learning and are extremely portable, so you can use them all over the school grounds so long as you have a decent internet connection.

They are a great option for smaller schools that may not have a dedicated computer suite for their pupils. Instead, teachers can provide students with laptops inside their classroom so that the children can still benefit from online learning resources and even take them away if required for home working.

Any laptop, phone, or tablet that employs the use of a touchscreen is rigorously tested to ensure the touchscreen hasn’t been compromised. Only when we’ve checked over our stock thoroughly do we advertise them for sale.


Stay safe online

Once you’ve invested in your new IT equipment, the school must be aware of all the latest cyber security protocols to ensure that your equipment doesn’t get stolen or hacked. This goes without saying, but safely storing your pupils’ personal details, like date of birth, where they live and any health conditions, is crucial for data protection reasons. The staff members’ computers should be fitted with security software, such as McAfee or Norton, to ensure everyone is safe while online.


Why TecHut?

TecHut gives schools across the country access to affordable, powerful, and modern desktop computers and laptops, as well as handheld devices and computer accessories. This lets teachers at both ends of the school system utilise the latest technology to help educate swathes of children across the country.

Working with TecHut helps your budget go further and with fully certified refurbished IT equipment, teachers can have peace of mind knowing that their IT is fully tested and professionally reconditioned to help ensure they perform like new. Avoid the rapid depreciation associated with new IT equipment without compromising on reliability with the help of our high specification used computers.

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